old Toshiba laptop help (on topic??)

From: Cord Coslor & Deanna Wynn <archive_at_navix.net>
Date: Fri May 29 02:59:49 1998


I just picked up an older style laptop that I need some hlp on. It is
a Toshiba T2200SX laptop. It is a 386 I believe, 3.5" floppy drive,
80 something meg hard drive, black and white LCD VGA display running
Windows 3.1. Here's what I am looking for, or at least some advice on
where to direct this help request to.

1) I need a battery for this unit. I have the power supply, but the
battery with it won't charge. The battery I have is made by Toshiba
and is model # PA2404U. Please let me know if you have one of these
or know where I could find one!

2) Modem. It has a 2400 baud modem with it. It is of the more modern
style (I think) in that the modem is a small card that inserts in the
side. It is labeled T24M - Modem - 2400 BPS - MNP5. On the back is
PC22-T24M. Here's the problem... there is a small 'port' that
supposedly is used for a special cable to connect the phone line to.
It doesn'e have the cable for the modem to the phone line. I am
interested in knowing where I may be able to find this special cable
to be able to use this modem. Also curious to know if the model of
laptop will handle new laptop modems. I know that many modern laptops
use this type of modem (slide in card), and would be willing to just
get a new modem if I can't find this special cable for this
particular modem.

3) Additional memory: It has 2 meg of RAM internally. In addition,
there is a 2 meg card, similar to the modem, that slides in on the
opposite side of the laptop. It is labeled Enhance Memory Products,
Inc., TMC02 2MB -- my question is: can I add additional memory... a
larger card? Are newer laptop memory cards compatible with this

Anyway help would be greatly appreciated. If you have some of the
above items, please let me know and include the price you're willing
to sell it for. Also, a pointer to a better place to take this
request to (is there such a place? :-) would also be much



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