old Toshiba laptop help (on topic??)

From: Charles A. Davis <cad_at_gamewood.net>
Date: Fri May 29 11:09:26 1998

Cord Coslor & Deanna Wynn wrote:
> Hi:
> I just picked up an older style laptop that I need some hlp on. It is
> a Toshiba T2200SX laptop. It is a 386 I believe, 3.5" floppy drive,
> 80 something meg hard drive, black and white LCD VGA display running
> Windows 3.1. Here's what I am looking for, or at least some advice on
> where to direct this help request to.
> 1) I need a battery for this unit. I have the power supply, but the
> battery with it won't charge.

Hi Cord:

Something to try!!!

I read a report somewhere that a part of the 'aging process' for Nicads,
involved the growth of crystals within the dielectric of the battery.
This 'crystal growth' resulted in 'shorted cells'. These 'crystals' were
very fragile physically, and a 'sharp rap' to the side of the battery,
would often 'shatter' the crystals, which would enable the 'crystaline
matter' to dissolve back into the electrolite solution of the battery.

I have found that the 'life' of my 'ni-cads' _does_ seem to be improved
by periodic 'drops to the floor' from a two or three foot height. Drop
the battery (NOT the laptop), so that it hits the floor _flat_ on it's
side. (If it doesn't help, you haven't lost anything.)

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