Convergent Computers Re: CTOS/BTOS recovery

From: Joe <>
Date: Sat May 30 08:40:39 1998

I recently found a Convergent computer in a surplus store here. It has the
display section, CPU section and hard drive in blocks that attach to each
other and looks like it uses some kind of external power supply. Each
block had a model number on it but the only one that I remember was CP-001
on the CPU. Anyone know what this thing is and wheather it's worth picking


At 10:36 PM 5/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I recently picked up some more Convergent machines at a thrift shop. I was
>pretty amazed; my 186 model was the only one I'd ever seen. Now I've got
>286 and 386 models. Wow!
>Anyway, I also picked up a few disk modules. Two 85 MB modules, I think.
>(compare to my existing pair of 10 MB modules...) One is an 'expansion'
>and needs to be connected to another disk module to work.
>My problem is this: the one disk that has CTOS installed was set up as a
>'Cluster Controller' and actually has accounts and passwords set up. I can
>just press 'Go' at the login on my CM001 and use the system. This doesn't
>work on the new system.
>Is there a way I can recover the files on this disk (meaning the OS and
>application software)? I have OS disks for the standalone version, but I'd
>like to preserve the cluster controller so starting over is a
>less-than-ideal option. I do have other working systems and parts
>available to press into service for the cause.
>Thoughts, hints, suggestions?
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