Convergent Computers Re: CTOS/BTOS recovery

From: R. Stricklin <>
Date: Sat May 30 12:35:29 1998

On Sat, 30 May 1998, Joe wrote:

> other and looks like it uses some kind of external power supply. Each
> block had a model number on it but the only one that I remember was CP-001
> on the CPU. Anyone know what this thing is and wheather it's worth picking
> up?

It's a Convergent NGEN computer, like mine. The CP-001 is an 80186 CPU.
There were 6 and 8 MHz models (CP-001/6 and CP-001/8). Whether it's worth
picking up is up to you. It certainly is unlike anything I've ever used
before. See if you can find the power supplies, as they won't be much good
without them. You don't need one for each module, though---each module is
stamped with a "Power Code". You only need one power supply for each 10

These are more-or-less identical to the Burroughs B25 machines.

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