Carts/connector cleaning

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sun Aug 1 00:10:44 1999

The regular Nintendos are known for bad connections by nintendo themselves and they
used to send you a connector assembly free if ou called the 800 number on the unit
and gave them the serial number. It's still worth a try and if they don't then MCM
Electronics carries them for about $7 per connector. I've tried to clean them and
even resping them and never gotten one to connect properly as the connector was
poorly made. I've tried contact cleaner, typewriter eraser, sandpaper, steel wool,
and all the other tricks of the trade to no avail.

LordTyran wrote:

> Hello, time for the yearly nostalgia.
> I have quite a collection of NES stuff (carts and consoles) that I've
> rescued from trash, garage sales, etc. that has been sitting in my
> basement for a few years. Trying to run one of the games produces odd
> output (i.e. lines down it display, not booting entirely) which I know is
> due to dirty contacts. What's the best way to clean these? Alchohol on a
> swab? Freon? (I have a friend that bought out a very large supply of it
> just before it became illegal to sell (i.e.: 100+ bottles for his
> reel-to-reel tape recorders)
> Kevin
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