AT/370 and XT/370

From: Peter Pachla <>
Date: Wed Aug 4 08:11:14 1999


>The PS/2 newsgroup has been talking about the AT and XT
>models that included a pair of cards that allowed fairly complete,
>if a bit slow, 370 mainframe emulation. Anybody every run
>across any of these?

Yes, I can't get at it right now but I picked up an XT/370 a few years ago at a
radio rally.

Unfortunately the machine had been fairly comprehensively rebuilt with a '286
motherboard and some sort of half height hard drive (despite having a full
height "IBM" hard drive front plate on the front).

I managed to get the original motherboard (broken expansion connector) and tape
streamer out of the guy, but the monitor, keyboard, cards, etc were already
gone.... :-(

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