AT/370 and XT/370

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Aug 4 12:43:47 1999

>On Wed, 4 Aug 1999 08:34:04 -0400 (EDT) "Merle K. Peirce"
><> wrote:
>> We have a 3270 machine somewhere, but I haven't gotten around to see if
>> it's complete. IBM also issued a software package to turn their PC's
>> into 370 terminals.
>I have a PC/3270, which is an IBM PC modified to turn it
>into a 3270 terminal. A new keyboard interface is used
>to connect it to a 3270 keyboard, and there's a special
>screen, too. It came with a manual and disks for the
>terminal emulator software.
>But no, I don't have a handy IBM/370 to plug it into
>for testing!

Thats just it, the cards I mention allow full mainframe versions of
programs to run on the PC's. Here is a clip from an exchange in the

The easy way to do this is to look for a 9371. This is a repackaged mod
80 with the 370 cardset, a couple of ARTIC cards and 2-4 320m SCSI drives
that look like DASD. The machine will probably have VSE loaded on it if
it wasn't purged. The load sequence is it boots a PCDOS looking system
and at a certain point you will see VSE, CICS and some application code
load. You will use the native PC monitor until the CICS loads then you
will have a VSE console on the 0,0 ARTIC port. State farm dumped about 17,
000 of these a few years ago through a company in New Jersey so they
should still be around somewhere.
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