Tempest Macintosh pictures

From: Sellam Ismail <dastar_at_ncal.verio.com>
Date: Thu Aug 5 03:03:47 1999

Here are some photos I took of my tempest Macintosh. There's nothing
particularly extraordinary about this machine unless you look at the

I didn't get any photos of the inside because this thing is a total bitch
to take apart. It took me about half an hour just to get the back cover
off when I first cracked it open. It's not because of the hex screws or
anything like that. This thing has a metal housing built into the case,
with a bunch of finely machined screws holding everything together. To
take the back cover off requires undoing more than just the standard hex
screws. The nubs on the I/O connectors also have to be removed.


Back side of the unit. Note the toggle switch which replaces the old
on/off switch. The knob below it is a fuse holder. Note the power cord
is now permanently attached to the unit. The back I/O connector panel has
been cutout and then re-attached with new cutouts to reduce the holes
where emissions could escape. This panel is laced with a metal mesh. A
CRT brightness control has been added to the left of the battery holder
(the battery cover is missing). The small cover screwed into the case on
the left side is where the slot for the security device used to be.


Front of the machine. Nothing unusual except for the square slot cutout
where the keyboard RJ14 connector used to be. A close-up view is coming
up to show how the keyboard attaches.


Side view. Guess what? That slot is another Sony 3.5" floppy that has
been installed internally. The slot has been manually cutout.


The backside label enlarged so you can read it. The manufacturer (or
rather re-manufacturer) is Systematics General Corporation of Sterling,
Virginia (a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlantic Research Corporation). I
mentioned this on the list when I first got this unit sometime in 1997
I believe (or early in 1998). I paid $10 for it.


A close-up of the keyboard connector. It attaches to the unit via the
modular plug. Then the panel screws on to the front of the machine. The
duct tape looking piece of material is a metallic mesh that prevents
leakage of emissions. Note the brass gasket attaching the shielded cable
to the keyboard housing. The metal box on the back covers the old
keyboard connector.


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