Tektronix 4634 hard copy unit

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Date: Mon Aug 9 00:00:09 1999

My 1984 catalog indicates that it processes video signals, both analogue and
digital. It appears, from the cables offered that the analog is a 75 ohm BNC
and the digital is a 15 pin, prob. D sub Centronics type. Nothing indicates
that it could be used with the 4051, also in this catalog.

It's recording technique processes raster scan video with a fiber optic CRT.
It does use both kinds of Tek dry silver paper, switch selectable. The High
performance paper 7772 is capable of 125 lines per inch(LPI). The regular
7770 paper does 100 LPI.

There is a RGB Mixer available for color to mono conversion. I may have a new
one in a box if you get the 4634. The printer, new, comes with a roll of
paper, 75 ohm terminator and manual. If it is new in the box I sure would
recommend getting it. Few of these exist because they are valuable as scrap

In 1984 Tek wanted $7900 for this printer. A roll of paper cost $215, a case

If your Tek 4051 has a 15 pin video out in the back it might hook up to this
printer. The connector on the printer is not a Tek GPIB port.

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