Spiffy Little Hamfest Find

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Mon Aug 9 10:23:21 1999

>>Geee, what a neat beast - I'm searching a cased AIm (or an AIM
>>case) for years.
>>> I haven't powered it up yet since it seems to want 12 and 24
>>> volts and I don't have a 24 volt supply handy.
>>Wasn't it +5 and +/-12 ? It's a long time ago.

> Yes, 5 VDC and plus and minus 12 VDC. The -12 is only used for a comm
> port I think. The + 12 is used for the comm port and the printer. You CAN
> run it without the plus and minus 12 VDC but you'll lose the comm port and
> printer. You MUST have the 5 VDC.

Exact, the 12V are also needed for the TTY.

>>> Does anyone have the pinouts for the expansion and application
>>> connectors on this little guy?
>>Try Richards page - he did a good job and scanned a lot of the Manuals.

>>> Also, there's a switch that lets you switch between keyboard and
>>> tty but I see no place to connect a tty, not even a little dual
>>> inline connector or anything appropriate. Clues?
> I don't know. Maybe it uses the keyboard connector or the expansion
> connector. You should be able to trace the KB-TTY switch out if nothing
> else. BTW some of my boards don't have the switch. The traces are there and
> there's a jumper soldered between two of them.

> >There are two edge connectors - one supplys the system (extension)
> >Bus, the other offers the 'user' port, including a 20mA TTY (like
> >the KIM)

> Mine say "J1 Application" and "J3 Expansion". The keybaord connects to
> "J4". "J2" connects to the printer. I don't know where the comm port is.
> Have you looked at the stuff on Rich's web site yet. The manuals there
> should tell where it is and how to use it.

J1 Application == 'user' port, including the com line and the TTY line
J3 Expansion == system bus


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