Hacker tea (was Re: Late Nights and Caffeine)

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Mon Aug 16 21:33:16 1999

Max Eskin <max82_at_surfree.com> writes:
> You should try loose tea. For one thing, I must say that green tea,
> either bagged or loose, is excellent, sometimes better than other colors.

For hot tea, sure.

For iced tea, nothing beats Lipton. It's amazing. When I left home and
went to college I tried absolutely everything, and simply couldn't find
anything that made decent iced tea. Finally I called my grandmother, to
ask what the secret was. I was totally astounded.

In July, researchers announced the results of a study showing that black tea
reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease by a huge percentage, apparently
because it is high in flavonoids. (Red wine does this also.) Green tea
reportedly doesn't have much of them, and herbal teas have none. A quick
search doesn't reveal an online reference to the study (which I read about
in the San Jose Mercury News on July 9), but here are a few articles on


LordTyran <a2k_at_one.net> wrote:
> Oh, and for iced tea, four bags of orange tea and four bags of Lipton...
> in a Mrs. Tea pot ;)

I bought some sort of iced tea maker some years back, and was dissatisfied
with it. My sister tells me that the secret is to ignore the instructions
which claim that you should fill the pitcher with ice before making the tea.
I'll have to see if I still have the thing in storage, and try it again.

I haven't yet figured out how to work a PIC into my tea habit, though.

Eric "will program for iced tea" Smith
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