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> If you're lucky. I just bought (and returned) a POS PC with a 75 watt
> (rated) PSU. No joke. I like to put a nice, 300W PSU in all the computers
> that I build beacuse they're really not the much more expensive... and a
> lot cheaper than replacing a lot of hard drives..

That depends on chassis allowances of expansion. 2 x 2 FD and HD
bays 3 slots, K6-3 support then it needs at least 150W in that small
box. (K6-3 draws about 30W all itself.) If 1 or slotless, 1 x 1 FD
and HD low end CPU like celeron or so 75 to 100W is plenty enough.

We had no problems selling consumer machines with 200W for baby AT
and 235W ATX stuff. PSU switchers get more efficient when loaded
most of it's rated power not hard on 235W, like 200W or so. Did sold
few higher capacity 250W ATX cases. But I'm not too convinced. Seen
inside one of PSU years ago that listed input max amp for fuse to
determine the total capacity but not allowing for compnonent sizing.

AND, I expect that PSU have ball bearing fan, do you?

> Kevin


PS: I have a stuffed ATX box mix of old and new cards, 2x HD, 1
cdrom, fd, PII 350, 64MB (ran 128MB fine). All on (drumroll) 235W
atx psu.
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