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> And, could the "mainframe" actually cost that much?? Switches:
>22_at_$5=$110. PS=$50. Backplane=$75. Sheetmetal=$250. FP=$100. Maybe I have a
>warped idea of what this stuff costs, but I was expecting a lower number.

Multiply the above numbers by a factors of 1.5 or so, and you're about
in the right ballpark (though the real factor is much closer to 4 for
the power supply - $50 won't buy anything but a way-too-dinky transformer.)
I did a similar calculation when deciding whether I could sell my "TIMSAI"
as a commercial product, and came up with a street price for it (with
very similar production costs) that would have to be close to $2000-$3000 to
justify the effort.

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