RQDX3 as third controller under RT-11

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sun Aug 22 13:41:48 1999

>There's no real need for RT-11 to know about the existence of the WQESD,
>if there aren't any drives there. I'd do a SET DU:CSR2=160354 and
>map any other ports to unused CSR's and see if that helps.

Since I'm using this as a way to help stay awake, I ran a SYSGEN so it's
only got two ports. That seems to help a little, now I can have the mapped
without crashing, but it will crash about a minute after the drive is

>If you ever want to get rid of your WQESD, let me know - I *love* them -
>they're wonderfully configurable controllers, and particularly good under
>RT-11 as you can get 8 bootable OS's per drive.

Figure the odds, I'd like to get another :^)

>>After one minute, I get the following:
>> _at_134606 ...
>>I think it's always at 134606, but the minds a little fuzzy at the moment,
>Which monitor - FB? XM? SJ?


>If you do a SHOW MEM (on a running system, clearly!) where does 134606

If I'm reading it correctly it's in RMON.

.sho mem

Address Module Words
------- ------ -----
160000 IOPAGE 4096.
155510 DU 604.
132210 RMON 4960.
121322 EQ 2267.
001000 ..BG.. 20585.


>Which version of RT-11? RT-11 5.3 had some seriously screwy problems with
>the DU driver in some situations, and the early 5.4's had some
>serious difficulties. 5.4G isn't so bad, but not as good as 5.5 or later.

Great :^( I knew that V5.4 wasn't the best, and this is a early version.
Not sure the exact revision.

>Are you running any foreground jobs simultaneously? TCP/IP, maybe? Does
>the crash happen if you don't start up the foreground jobs?

Before reSYSGENing it to only support 2 ports it crashed one minute after
startup with nothing haveing been done when the drive was mapped. Opps, I
think I figured out why it was doing that, after the SYSGEN I mapped it to
DU2: and DU3:, prior to the SYSGEN I had one drive mapped to DU7: and when
the computer booted it tried to find a logical disk there. (headphones and
troubleshooting don't mix)

Now however, I just ran a fairly intensive mess over TCP/IP (did a
tar -tvf' on a 150Mb tar file on a UNIX box, LOTS of output to the screen)
it didn't crash.

OK, I've run a bunch of tests the last few hours while writing this up (and
spending a lot of the time with the troubles at work). I have found one
setting on the RQDX3 that I'm not sure about. Should I have the LUN set,
and if so to what? Actually in this case identifying the jumpers to jumper
might be helpful, as I'm using a scan of the pages dealing with the RQDX3,
and don't have actual doc's on it. What I do have isn't clear at all about
LUN's. I think I should either not have it set, or set it to 4 or 8,

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