New toy

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 23:40:33 1999

Over the weekend, I acquired a new toy called an Intel Wildcard WC88. It
consists of a card in 72 pin SIMM format - only taller - that contains a
surface mount 8088 chip hiding under a glob of epoxy. Also carries an
xtal, 640k memory, another - unidentified - chip under epoxy, a BIOS
EPROM, and a few glue chips. The edge connector is 72 pin SIMM style.
There is also a (basically) passive motherboard that carries a 72 pin SIMM
socket, a keyboard connector, three 8-bit ISA sockets, and a handful of
chips. The Award BIOS displays a message on bootup that 'this is a
demonstration BIOS and is not to be sold'.

I have searched the Web to no avail seeking any reference to this mini-XT.
If anyone has one or has heard of one, or... I would certainly appreciate
hearing from them. I have know idea what Intel intended when they put
this thing together - for sale, demo, sales tool, ??? But I'd like to
                                                 - don
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