Strange drive unit

From: Passer, Michael <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 08:24:59 1999

That is an MSD SD-2 dual drive. It was sold as a premium drive
for the Commodore 64, and supports either serial or IEEE-488
interfaces. It would work with a PET, as well, via the IEEE-488

One of its compelling features is its ability to copy a diskette
completely in its firmware with one command, and quickly. If you
would like to sell it, I would be interested :>.

Nice find!

--Michael Passer

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        I found this in one of my cupboards, don't know where or when I got it.

        Micro-systems development Inc. Dallas Texas
        Model SD-2

        Two TEC 51/4 floppy drives, Model FB501, mounted vertically

        Built in AC supply

        Rear panel has two 6 contact female DIN sockets and one 24 contact
connection similar to a Centronics printer, only smaller.

        The construction is generally similar to that used on Apple ][ drive
 although I suspect this might have something to do with a PET.

        Can any one enlighten me?

                                                        Charlie Fox

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