Strange drive unit

From: Chris Cureau <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 08:33:59 1999

> Micro-systems development Inc. Dallas Texas
> Model SD-2
> Two TEC 51/4 floppy drives, Model FB501, mounted vertically
> Built in AC supply
> Rear panel has two 6 contact female DIN sockets and one 24 contact female
> connection similar to a Centronics printer, only smaller.
> The construction is generally similar to that used on Apple ][ drive cases,
> although I suspect this might have something to do with a PET.

This sounds very much like the drives I have at home on my Commodore 64...if it's in a
cream colored case, then I would suspect that is exactly what it is. It is supposed to
be faster than the stock 1541 drive, but it is not very compatible with copy protection
at all... I'll check the model and manufacturer when I get home and let you know for
There were at least two other manufacturers of Commodore drives besides Commodore
itself, but memory fails me at the moment...none of them were 100% compatible, and as
such left the market rather early on in the game.

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