VAXstation 3100 history (Was ... different)

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 11:47:20 1999

<I did not see any directory commands to tell how much disk space is
<used/available. Are there any?


 $DIR dua0:[000000...]/size/total will give the size of each file and the
total used for the entire volume DUA0:. FYI: RD52 is 30mb (VMS formatted)
are you sure it's not an RD53 (71mb).

There si also DIR/free

<Nor did I see any FORMAT command. (Which at this point I want to AVOID,

INITialize dua0: Initializes a disk, sets up basic directories. Does
not however do a low level format (need diagnostics for that).

<because I don't understand the Backup process or target backup media
<capacity constraints. It sounds like backup clones the OS on the same driv
<in "renewed" and/or "rebuilt" files )

Thre are variations on that with command switches. For example backup/image
does an image backup meaning it's a block by block copy and the target needs
to be at least as large as the source (multiple volumes are possible).

Since your running an OLD copy of VMS you may not have what most people
expect for BACKUP functionality.

<According to Allison's prior post, should I assume this RD52 is a 30MB MFM
<non SCSI drive?


<I also have a Plessy 6600/6700 system which has a 84MB-90MB drive which I
<think hangs on a DEC compatible SCSI controller.

??? no idea.

<(I believe the Plessy is an LSI-11/34 clone.)The Plessy also has a Cipher
<F880 1600 bpi 9-track tape drive connected.

Interesting but it's not a vax.

<Is there a chance I could Load the Hobby openVMS on either one, or both of
<these systems in a cluster?

The Plessy is not a VAX so no help there. MicrovaxI is not supported under
VMS7.2. You need a much older version though the license supports any
version you can find. I think you want VMS 4.7. NOTE: RD52 is way to small
and a RD53(70mb Microplus 1325) is required or better yet a RD54(159mb
MAXTOR 2190) if you can find one.

<It seems to me the more capable system would be the Plessy with larger HD
<and Tape Unit already installed, (However I have never booted it, and I
<have no Idea what OS currently resides on it.)

No idea, thats likely not a VAX.

<I believe someone gave an earlier response that the MicroVAX I was too
<small to run openVMS alone.

Depends on version. The big problem with a MICROVAXI is you can only cram
4mb of ram in it and if the disk controller is older RQDX2 your limited to
a RD53. You can fit a RQDX3 and that is half the size and will run a RD54.
But MOST versions of VMS past V5.4 are TOO BIG for a RD53 without much
tailoring and I forget the version that dropped MicrovaxI support but I
think it was V5.6.

If you want to run more modern version fo VMS a MicrovaxII, VS2000 or 3100
would be a better choice.

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