VAXstation vs MicroVAX (was Re: dammit...)

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 11:47:32 1999

<I didn't mention it, but yes, there is the three-port MMJ adapter. I have
<one or two. The max ports on a MicroVAX 2000 is indeed 12. The DEC hot

???? no way. The base board does not have more than 4 usarts on it. Is
that an add in board?

<sheets specifically mention that if you want more ports, you must go to an
<Ethernet-based product. That's how I got my first uVAX-2000 - a local law

DECSERVER100/DS200 lat servers.

<lot and took home the VAX. I got an RD54, a 6Mb MicroVAX, a TK50Z-FA, the
<DHT32 serial adapter and an expansion box with RD53 for well under $100 (a
<the same time period, a refurbed RD54 was going for $500 from the resellers

My vax collection has:

 3 VS3100/m10 (each has 24mb) plus two BA42 drive cases (each holds RZ56).
 1 VS3100/m76SPX 32mb, RZ24, RZ25, RZ26 TLZ04 tape.
 3 VS2000 (two with rd54 one with RD53 and one TK50Z)
 1 BA123 based MicrovaxII (KA630) 16mb, 2 RD53, RZ56, RX50)
 1 BA23 based MicrvaxII (ka630) 9mb, DHV11, TK50, RD54

All connected with 10b2 running DECnet.

<I put Ultrix on it and used it for Unix practice and as a faux-terminal
<server. I had this project to mount the guts in a monsterous AT case so th
<there was room for both RD drives in the same package (two power supplies)
<but I never finished it. I'll probably put all the stuff back in the
<original boxes when I work that far down the pile.

I have ultrix on RD53, not into running it, don't hate unix but it's not
my first choice.

<One problem I ran across with this particular box - the TK50 drive would
<munch tapes - the problem turned out to be the molex connectors on the
<drive motor cables. They would intermittently fail and the tape would
<spin freely in the drive or wouldn't energize to retract the tape. I lost
<more than one tape that way. I never did fix that drive - it's still
<awaiting new connectors.

My fix, skip the connectors, soldered connection.

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