HELP! DEC AXP Serial Console

From: Michael Grigoni <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 22:42:47 1999


Life's tough without manuals. We'd appreciate some help with configuring
an async terminal as console on a DEC 3000-M400 (and to remain on topic
advice for the same on VAXStation 3100). After an exhaustive 'net search
with little success researching cable data we empirically wired the
following cable:

       MMJ-F,front view DB-25F Unix host
         DCE? DCE (multiport ctrlr)DTE
       | 1 |----------dtr------------------ 20 dtr---------cd
      - 2 |----------td------------------- 2 td----------rd
     | 3 |----------td gnd---|----------- 7 sgnd--------gnd
     | 4 |----------rd gnd---|
      - 5 |----------rd ------------------ 3 rd----------td
       | 6 |----------dsr------------------ 6 cd----------dtr
        ----- |- 5 cts---------rts
 (pin nos are conjecture) |- 4 rts---------cts

Setting the terminal for 9600,7,1,e produces a readable display during
boot but commands entered to the firmware monitor and/or to SYSBOOT
are invalid even though they echo properly. Only the single '?'
or the letter 'c' function as intended. The system works properly
when used with the attached keyboard/display (with the 'alternate console'
switch in the other position). The terminal works properly as a
login terminal under VMS (6.1 AXP) using this cable. Using other
parity, framing, baud, etc. doesn't help.

Also, the machine came without UCX (TCP/IP) and has no
floppy or tape at the moment. We'd like to transfer some files over
the serial cable (uuencoded or otherwise) and have tried 'COPY OPA1:
FOO' which works except that an interrupt (^C) doesn't close the file.
The proper procedure would be appreciated. Is there a terminal program
bundled with VMS 6.1 (we couldn't find one)?

We'd also appreciate advice regarding obtaining VMS documentation beyond
the online help system and 'net faqs (I can't imagine becoming fluent
in DCL or VMS otherwise) and hardware documentation for 3100 and AXP
series machines (one would hope that microfiche or cd-rom versions
exist by now).
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