HELP! DEC AXP Serial Console

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Date: Wed Dec 1 23:08:36 1999

> Life's tough without manuals.

Don't we know it! Look at the bright side you aren't trying to setup a Q-Bus
system without manuals.

> Setting the terminal for 9600,7,1,e produces a readable display during

Well, I use VT420's on my headless VMS boxes, including a DEC 3000/300LX.
They all are talkign 9600 8NI, IIRC. Unfortunatly I don't have a pinout
handy for the cable, so can't check that for you.

> boot but commands entered to the firmware monitor and/or to SYSBOOT
> are invalid even though they echo properly. Only the single '?'
> or the letter 'c' function as intended. The system works properly
> when used with the attached keyboard/display (with the 'alternate console'
> switch in the other position). The terminal works properly as a
> login terminal under VMS (6.1 AXP) using this cable. Using other
> parity, framing, baud, etc. doesn't help.

Wierd! This is part of why I'm wondering if the cable isn't the problem.

> We'd also appreciate advice regarding obtaining VMS documentation beyond
> the online help system and 'net faqs (I can't imagine becoming fluent
> in DCL or VMS otherwise) and hardware documentation for 3100 and AXP
> series machines (one would hope that microfiche or cd-rom versions
> exist by now).

Even better it's on the web!

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