VAXstation vs MicroVAX (was Re: dammit...)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 23:27:24 1999

--- Allison J Parent <> wrote:
> <I didn't mention it, but yes, there is the three-port MMJ adapter. I have
> <one or two. The max ports on a MicroVAX 2000 is indeed 12. The DEC hot
> ???? no way. The base board does not have more than 4 usarts on it. Is
> that an add in board?

Yes. A daughter card for the CPU and a card under the skirt with a 36-pin
centronics connector that has a H-mumble-mumble harmonica on the other end
of a cable. The distribution card goes next to the SCSI-1 connector and
the DB50P connector for the external RD53/RD54 drive.

> My vax collection has:
> 3 VS3100/m10 (each has 24mb) plus two BA42 drive cases (each holds RZ56).
> 1 VS3100/m76SPX 32mb, RZ24, RZ25, RZ26 TLZ04 tape.
> 3 VS2000 (two with rd54 one with RD53 and one TK50Z)
> 1 BA123 based MicrovaxII (KA630) 16mb, 2 RD53, RZ56, RX50)
> 1 BA23 based MicrvaxII (ka630) 9mb, DHV11, TK50, RD54
> All connected with 10b2 running DECnet.

Well... to inventory...

2 MV2000 w/6Mb, 2xRD54 (one TK50Z-FA to share, one with DHT32 serial add-on)
2 VS2000 w/unknown (recently aquired from a friend's estate, untested)
1 uVAX-I w/4Mb, RQDX2+RD32+RX50
1 uVAX-II in BA123 w/9Mb, RQDX3+RD54+RX50, KDA50+shared RA81, DEQNA, TQK50
1 uVAX-II in BA23 w/17Mb, RQDX3+RD53+RX50, KDA50+shared RA81
2 11/750 w/8Mb and 14Mb, SI9900 each, Fuji Eagle, UDA50, Emulex serial, etc.
1 11/730 w/5Mb, RB80+RL02, DMF-32.
1 8300 w/16Mb, KDB50+shared RA81, DEBNT

The uVAX-I, one uVAX-II, one 11/750 and the 11/730 were purchased by my former
employer new from DEC. The 8300 was purchased used (at $12K), and I picked up
the rest of the stuff in more recent years when stuff was essentially at
"haul it out of here" prices when it could be found at all.
Only the MV2000s are networked to anything. The 11/7xx machines are in
storage for a while longer; the 8300 is set up in the basement, but I've
never gotten the DEBNT working (cable issues, I expect; I only added it
last year, played with it for a couple of evenings and moved on to other
tasks). I've got a lot more VAX equipment than time to play with it, but
once upon a time, I _did_ run a support organization from my basement (1992-
1995). Everyone has a 30A Hubble Twist-n-lok receptical attached to
their breaker panel, don't they? I'm looking forward to a powerful VAX with
modern low-power disks and minimal electricity consumption. I only wish it
came with a TZ07(?) SCSI 9-track drive. Then I could easily archive my magtape

> My fix, skip the connectors, soldered connection.

Well... that's certainly one solution I hadn't considered. It *would*
be more reliable, and really, how often do you need to change out a TK50
motor anyway?


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