VAXstation vs MicroVAX (was Re: dammit...)

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Date: Thu Dec 2 08:13:27 1999

> Yes. A daughter card for the CPU and a card under the skirt with a 36-pin
> centronics connector that has a H-mumble-mumble harmonica on the other end
> of a cable. The distribution card goes next to the SCSI-1 connector and
> the DB50P connector for the external RD53/RD54 drive.

Yes, I'd bet that's seriously rare.

> 1 8300 w/16Mb, KDB50+shared RA81, DEBNT

Seriously nice VAX.

One of my MVIIs came from under my desk at DEC... It was and still is
VIDSYS::. When I left I made a deal as they would have scrapped it
anyway. That was in '93 when they disbanded the group. The system was
original in '87 so I know it's history and all and it still runs! The
reason it works so well is I planned ahead and have spares for every thing
and never had to use them. Of course if I didn't have them I'd be looking
for them.

The only unique thing about the VS2000s I have is they 8mb, 12 and 14mb
ram respectively. A note on that is MV2000 is not fast mostly due to disk
IO but adding ram to the 14mb limit does really help if there is any
swaping going on. Of course finding ram is the real trick.

> > My fix, skip the connectors, soldered connection.
> Well... that's certainly one solution I hadn't considered. It *would*
> be more reliable, and really, how often do you need to change out a TK50
> motor anyway?


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