VAXstation 3100 history (Was ... different)

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Thu Dec 2 08:07:29 1999

> we were developing software and would have periods of several reboots per day
> to clear device drivers. Since then, I've seen uptimes on the cluster at
> Lucent
> measured in months.
> -ethan

Nice to see Lucent still has at least one Vax. Wish I could get an
account or had the time to get my Vaxstation at home up.

Bell Labs is pretty much Suns, PC's an occasional SGI or HP and
no visible DEC. Boy the times have changed. I was the DEC install guy
who installed 11/780's at the labs back in '81.

Most Vax sites I worked on measured uptimes in months to years except
for scheduled downtimes (most often system reconfigurations to add more
hardware) or software upgrades.


      Three things never anger: First, the one who runs your DEC,
      The one who does Field Service and the one who signs your check.
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