Solder Problems (PDP-8/m related)

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Date: Thu Dec 2 17:25:04 1999

> > Well, once I got the face plate off yesterday I was able to wiggle the LED
> > itself in its 'socket' and it would come on.
> Ah... Swap the LED 'modules' around -- does the fault go with particular
> modules (in which case either replace them or see if you can pull them to
> bits and fix them) or does it stay at particular places on the panel
> (sockets, traces, soldering)?

OK, both you and Joe seem to have misunderstood what I meant by 'socket',
but then that really isn't a good word for it. The LED's are soldered to
the circuit board, there is a plastic 'socket strip' that keeps them in
position, and it's bolted to the circuit board. Well, don't know if that's
any clearer. Let's just say they aren't sockets you actaully plug something

> > >Has it been stored under poor conditions?
> >
> > Not since I got it a couple weeks ago, before that I've no idea. I suspect
> > it might have spent a short amount of time outside as I found a couple pine
> > needles in it.
> Argh!. I really would suspect contact trouble, then...

Me to. I got a fairly good look in there today, and the contacts definitely
need cleaned. I'm going to have to do something to try and clean them up.
I'll have to give the soaked chunk of cardboard trick a try.

I think I'm going to have to hold off on this until this weekend though,
this sounds like something that will take quite a while.

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