What did Ampex make that used core memory?

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Thu Dec 2 19:20:27 1999

At 02:22 PM 12/2/99 -0800, Al wrote:
>Ampex made core memory assemblies for a number of different companies
>A picture would make IDing it easier. 11x14 might be Varian or DG.

  OK I scanned it and posted the pictures at
"http://www.intellistar.net/~rigdonj/a1/ampex.jpg" and at

  The first one is the front of the card and the second is the back. The
bottom and right of the front picture are cut off since the card is larger
than my scanner.The RH looks like a mirror image of the left. Note that
there are no connectors on the card other than the large gold pins around
the edges. (Some of them are bent.)

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