VAXstation 3100 history (Was ... different)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 01:44:22 1999

--- wrote:
> The last version that would fit on that had to be before V5!

I got some RC25 carts (now gone with the departed 11/725) from a local company
that used their 11/725 as a boot manager for the office VS2000s. It was
running VMS 5.0. It *barely* fit and was probably not supported.
> > Officially the 730 only holds 5 Mbytes. I don't know if there's any
> > way of extending this.

I think the official max for the 11/725 might have been 3 or 4Mb, possibly
due to cooling restrictions - it was the same power supply as the 11/730-Z,
so it wasn't power, per se. I had 5Mb in my 11/725 and never had a problem,
supported configuration or no.
> The minimum ram required for VMS went from 1mb to 4mb(as of V5.4) over the
> years. The 730 could take more ram, there were third party board for 8
> and 16mb if memory serves. I've seen more than a few with 6mb of DEC ram.

I never saw a third-party board over 1Mb for the 11/730, not that there weren't
such beasts. My employer would have bought one if it were under $500/Mb. We
did have some EMC 1Mb boards that used 256x1 DRAMs - same board size as a DEC
1Mb board, of course, but 90% empty. I threw them into the 11/730 as we found
them because they obviously used less power and generated less heat. Good,
solid boards. Never had one fail (can't say the same for the DEC boards, but
we did have every machine maxxed out providing more statistical chances for


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