Data General MV/4000DC Documentation/Media

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Date: Sun Dec 5 12:47:22 1999

I recently aquired a Data General MV/4000DC minicomputer with three 200
terminals and one 215 terminal, a 6311 tape unit and a Comswitch II access
controller. I have rebuilt the tape drive and it works great now. I can
boot from the onboard hard disk and navigate the system. I have gotten
all 16 virtual consoles functioning.

I have very little docs on this machine so pretty much have to 'hack' out
anything I want to do which is slow progress.

Does anyone have documentation on this machine or the AOS/VS operating

Does anyone have SYSTEM Media for this machine?

Does anyone have SOFTWARE for the machine?

If I can help YOU with your classic computer questions, please let me
know. I can help with:

Atari 8 bits - know and have lots. Lots of software too. (450+ disks) I
can help in:
Hard disks
programming in Basic
Various other languages
All variants of AtariDos (MyDos, SmartDOs, etc)
All Variants of Spartados including SDX

Atari ST series computers - have two and am running MINT.
Can help in TOS and a BSD unix clone I am running called MiNT which
stands for Mint is Not Tos.

CP/M 2.2 machines (z80 processor) such as ATR8000, ATR8500, Cromemco,
Osborne, Kaypro, etc.

I am a technician servicing Intel-based PC's so if you need support there
I can help in:

all versions of MS/PC dos etc, Concurrent DOS too
Windows x
Windows NT
SCO Openserver V
Windows NT terminal Server
Sun Solaris (X86)
OS/2 Warp and Warp Servers
Novell Netware 2 thru 4
Novell Netware lite 1.1

General networking questions for above operating systems and hardware.

Please help with my MV4000DC. If you would like to see it you can TELNET
into my PC which is running as a terminal on the MV4000 and you can play
with the minicomputer that way! Just e-mail me and we will set up a time.

Thanks in advance,

Technoid Mutant
Jeffrey S. Worley
Technical Services
Bits & Bytes Computer Services Inc.
1979B Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803
828-684-8953 - voice 0900-1700 five days
828-687-9284 - 24hr fax
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