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> >Can you list negative feedback for a person even if you had no dealings
> >with them???
No you can't anymore. If you detect or suspect fraud then anyone can report
that to Safe Harbor, the customer service department. I have done that, and
like keeping up with spares, if you have a good reason for suspicions you
should report it.

The old adage still holds, "If it is too good to be true then it generally
isn't." Some frauds are easy to detect.

The "IBM MF' guy is just stupid. I bet his item gets no bids. Stupid people
don't deserve a response.

The DEC card in France. I don't think I would send cash up front to him.
However he could just be a low budget person, this may be just fine. Scrap
value on that card is about $8.00 in todays market.

I don't think any IBM 1130 is worth more than a couple of hundred in scrap by
the way. I suspect less than that.

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