V4.7 and VMS vs MicroVMS

From: Enrico Badella <enrico.badella_at_softstar.it>
Date: Mon Dec 6 02:19:49 1999

CLASSICCMP_at_trailing-edge.com wrote:
> >I was going thru some drives and tapes yesterday while trying to
> >resurrect my MVII and came across a v4.7 distribution I din't know I
> >had. This leads me to ask, one, if the person looking for same a few
> >days back (Enrico?) found one. And a second, stupid question. Stupid

It's me! yes!
> In the late V4 days, there were two kinds of VMS distribution kits:
> "full VMS", as you would install on a 11/730, 11/750, or 11/780, or
> 8600, or..., and there was "MicroVMS", which is what you put on your
> Microvax I or II.
> "MicroVMS" distribution kits were on huge stacks of floppies (RX50 or RX33
> depending on what flavor you needed) and TK50 carts.
> MicroVMS is a "trimmed-down" VMS distribution, with the parts that
> aren't necessary (like Big-VAX support) or aren't usable on a Microvax
> (like the RSX-compatibility mode stuff) taken out.

My 4.7 has the RSX-compatibility mode stuff albeit incomplete. When I try
to start VAX11RSX it complains that it cannot find something. Don't
have the machine here so I don't remember the exact error message.


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