Adding 4116 to memory board was This guy needs a *LART*... :-/

From: Enrico Badella <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 02:15:24 1999

Nick Oliviero wrote:
> Enrico Badella wrote:
> > I would like to try bring it to 128KW by soldering in the
> > missing chips. At the moment I have added sockets for all this missing chips
> Just to share my own experience with adding sockets to unibus boards, we found
> that there was a clearance problem with adjacent boards even though lo-profile
> sockets were used. If this is your own system and no one else will touch it
> you'll be ok. There are 16 'pads' here, only two of which use DEC equipment;
> with over 30 techs, and board swapping is the norm. We had too many instances
> where the socketed chip was actually pulled out of socket while inserting the
> board. I ended up removing all the sockets.

Didn't think of that problem 8-( but at the same time my 4116 are theoretically
new but have been stored for years so their exact condition is unknown.


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