Got the oscilloscope interface running on the 8/S!

From: John B <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 12:31:47 1999

It's rather comical.. poor thing.. The 8/s wasn't exactly a super computer
but it is having a little difficulty printing a line of 32 characters (5X7
bits). I can read the text but by the time it finishes drawing the end of
the line, the first few characters start disappearing. I will try and post
some pictures over the next couple of days. It is pretty cool to see this
unit draw on an oscilloscope.

I will try some video games (some were written for the 8/s) and post some
pictures of that as well.


PDP-8 and other rare mini computers

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From: Mike Ford <>
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Date: Monday, December 06, 1999 4:09 AM
Subject: Re: Tube experts! - I T WORKS!

>>> The tube newsgroup recently has been talking about buying old scopes
>>> to harvest the tubes. When you get a good look at what good quality
>>Is it just me, or is this as distasteful as scrapping classic computers
>>for gold? Old 'scopes have a perfectly good use already -- to display
>I have a Dumont 304a I tried to get $10 for without success. Pulling the
>tubes will increase the value nicely. Its just like the 1130, if nobody is
>willing to pay some premium over the value of the gold, then nobody wants
>it very much.
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