DEC LA-180 and PDP8e/LC8-E

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 13:11:55 1999

> I recently got my hands on a classic DEC LA-180 RO (receive
> only) printer. It's a free-standing beast, with its own pedastal
> that the electronics are in.
> I want to try to connect this up to my PDP8/e system as print device. I have
> an M8329 LC8-E Decwriter Control board for the PDP8/e. The PDP8/e/f/m
> External Bus Options Maintenance Manual
> says that the LC8-E module is intended to connect up a DEC LA-30
> decwriter. The LA-30 seems to be a printing terminal, with
> a keyboard and printer. The LA-180 I have is a print-only
> device, with no keyboard.

You need a KL8-E or the like, not an LC8-E. The LC8-E is a parallel
interface, and the LA180 is a serial device.
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