Gold price was: Re: ebay feedback

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 14:29:02 1999

>Damn, maybe I shouldn't be tossing crud like that busted VR290 in the
>dumpster... All of those 14" monitors are worth 3 to 5 bucks? Heck, I've
>probably tossed 20+ of them this year... As I write this the dumpster by my
>work contains 2 dead terminals, a dead VR290, and Dell guts.. the MicroVAX
>3100 may, unfortunately, be joining them soon, since it won't boot and all I
>get is a ~ from the console :( But seriously, would it be worthwhile to save
>all the circut boards, monitors, etc. which I currently toss in the
>dumpster? I already have a bunch of automotive scrap that I know is
>worthwhile (i.e. engine blocks, transmissions, etc.) but is that computer
>junk worth it?

Generally yes, monitors need to 'look' good, no scratches or burnin on the
tube, and in most cases old terminals are not wanted. The MicroVAX 3100 is
full of goodies and gold. The other part is normal, you need to either take
to a salvage place that does the recovery, or have enough of a load to make
one of the "runner" type guys come and get it. The former is a better idea.
Don't be surprized if they try to low ball you, but don't accept anything
for a one load deal you would not be happy to repeat.

BTW you might want to check with your trash company, many places do NOT
allow a monitor or other large tube device into a landfill. If they find
one, and it still has your property tag on it, you could get a nasty fine.
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