Scrap value of machines (was Re: ebay feedback)

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 14:44:45 1999

>It's pretty obvious, then, isn't it, that the place to be is on their side
>rather than bidding against them? Even if you have to pay a little more or
>work a little more, it's better to be in a position to call the guy up on a
>free morning and ask whether he's got anything new that you'd like to look
>at, isn't it?

This is poker, and either you are a player with them, or a sucker (geek
etc.). My goal in life is not to be this guys Monday morning joke. I bid
against and cut deals with my suppliers all the time. I have NO illusion
that they respect me, but now they know that I am totally nuts and that I
enjoy running up their bids if they annoy me. OTOH they also know that I am
happy to just get even, I don't carry the burden of big grudges, and
generally am not a nasty person, just doing business like they are, even if
my "business" makes no sense to them.

Number one item I did have to learn is to keep my mouth shut. Don't talk
about other peoples deals, unless you mean business. Never talk about what
somebody paid for or sold an item for, and generally don't act too stupid
(ie keep mouth shut). Never let them catch you snooping, ie writing down
names from property tags, do that in the car. ;) Never point out any "big"
mistakes they are making.
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