Intel Intellec 8 computer?????

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 19:02:07 1999

Allison J Parent <> wrote:
> The 8048 was a much later product. It came out just before
> <the Series II was the main development tool for Intel
> No after.

Hi Allison
 You may be right on this one. I was at Intel at the time
but the order of things was fuzzy.

> <parts. They did have a SDK for 8048's. It was like
> <older SBC in that it had LED's, keypad and programmer
> <socket on a single PC board.
> Prompt48, small box with keypad two sockets and display. It could program
> 8748, and do a passable in circuit emulation using the romless part.

Yep, that was the name. They had Prompt series for most
of the single chip controllers and I think they had them
for the 8085 but I don't recall if the 8086 had one.
They had multibus ICE for most everything from 8080 on
through 8086's.
 By the way, I have a Prompt2920. I'm still looking
for any i2920 parts if anyone out there has one
( not to be confused with 2900 bit slice parts ).
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