V.23 protocol

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Date: Mon Dec 6 19:03:18 1999

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> Hello,
> I am looking for specifications of the old V.23 protocol, or general
> informations about this.
> Would someone know some hints ?

Essentially it was a split baud rate used mostly by VIATEL and some bbs's.
It was 1200/75 duplex where the user had a 1200 link for downloading and a
75 link for uploading.
(Worked on the assumption - mostly true - that the user would be mostly
transferring data
/files to his machine from the host, and sending only control/command stuff
It worked ok for chatting too, since most people type a lot slower than
If you need more, I can dig up specs, audio freqs etc.
FYI, 1200 bps amateur packet radio modems use the 1200 portion, in half
duplex mode,
often using the 7910 or 7911 World modem chips that were prevalent in such
I have a packet modem that I still use today that was converted from an
ancient Sendata
modem for the C64. Works well.


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