Nostalgic note [Was: Re: Amiga 500, 2000 serial ports: The same?]

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Date: Tue Dec 7 01:21:32 1999

> I just went to our Amiga club's December meeting/party... a dozen people. At
> one point, AmiCON, the third registered Amiga user group in the U.S., had over
> 300 members. It was a real world example of how far the Amiga has faded away.

BUT, how many of those users left *AFTER* the Gateway/Amiga, Inc. made the
*BIG* announcement :^( From where I'm sitting thier announcement of a
NextGen Amiga did more to kill the platform than anything.

Of course I'm *REAL* tempted to go into that brand new Gateway store a
couple miles from me and tell them I want to buy an Amiga 1200.

        Zane (who isn't a long time Amiga user, but is still bitter
              about Gateways treatment of the Amiga)
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