Busting CRTs (was Re: Gold price was: Re: ebay feedback)

From: John B <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Tue Dec 7 10:54:30 1999

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Subject: Busting CRTs (was Re: Gold price was: Re: ebay feedback)

>--- Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net> wrote:
>> You can safely let the air in (or vacuum out) of a CRT by breaking the
>> "tit" on the back end of the CRT where the air was evacuated. It may be
>> covered by the plug for the electrical connections. If it is then just
>> break the plug off. The glass is very thin there and I've seen may
>> just use a karate chop motion with almost any metal object to break the
>> of the tit off. That will let the air in and the rest of the tube stays
>> intact.
>I just did that accidentally to a Mac SE. :-( I was trying to remove a
>cable from the innards and my hand slipped and wacked the board on the
>back of the CRT and skewed it far enough to bust that little tit. Now I
>have *more* spare Mac parts.

Do you know how many of those week lost at Queens Park?? One guy in my
department nailed CRTs 2 in one week... You never forget that "hissing"
sound that comes out of the unit... then the expression on the person
working on it. The SEs also had those bad hard drives... the Principal
Secretary actually had a large screw driver next to his SE... Every time the
drive wouldn't spin up he would beat the crap out of it. Apple came down and
they agreed to replace all the flaky hard drives free immediately.

Entire legislative assembly had those things everywhere. I was visiting one
MPP (member of provincial parliament) and will never forget what he did.He
hated the SE so much that he actually asked me "how do I get a new real
computer?".. I told him the only way was if this one broke. .. Well, in
front of me he pushed it off his desk and hoped that it would smash when it
hit the floor. It didn't break so I decided to help him out and offered to
bring it back to my department and have one of our Junior Programmers put a
new drive in it. He then yelled out in the hallway "Someone trip Bordnik!
He's got my computer and I don't want that piece of shit back.".

Good times.



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