Free NCR tower in Miami FL.

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 08:31:48 1999

> I'd say they're worth having if you have space and can transport them
> (pretty heavy beasts). You may be lucky enough to get an ethernet
> controller or two as well - I gather that these aren't too common - then
> they'll hook up to just about anything.
> Oh, if you get a chance can you see if there's any OS tapes lying
> around?? I haven't got installation media for my 700 so when one of the
> disks goes I'm in trouble... I'm not sure how NCR shipped OS tapes and
> whether one tape would cover a series of Tower systems or not...
> cheers
> Jules

Thanks for the info Jules :-)

Since these aren't just PC clones, I'm gonna go ahead a grab em. Don't
really need more *junk* laying around, but what the heck. They aren't too
far away and I do have a pickup truck.

I'll ask about the OS installation tapes if they're available, I'll let you

See ya,
Steve Robertson - <>
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