Free NCR tower in Miami FL.

From: Jeffrey l Kaneko <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 09:31:18 1999

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999 09:31:48 -0500 Steve Robertson
<> writes:
> Thanks for the info Jules :-)
> Since these aren't just PC clones, I'm gonna go ahead a grab em.
> Don't really need more *junk* laying around, but what the heck. They
> aren't too far away and I do have a pickup truck.

If they're anything like the one I have, a small forklift would be
*very* helpful. These suckers weigh a *ton*. I think I have a
Model 1632 (it's been awhile since I've looked). 4mb, 68010
_at_ 10MHz, MFM drives. Runs SVR3. Won't even support *BSD. Bummer.

These use Multibus cards, I think NCR used an Emulex ethernet
controller, supporting NCR's own arcane networking protocol. The
install tape I have for it implies that this beast supported an MMU,
though (although mine is not so equipped). ANyone know how they did

According to my manuals, the TOWER supported SCSI and ESDI drives.
I speculate that they used off-the-shelf multibus boards for these;
the tape controller is a stock unit made by CIPRICO (IIRC). The
MFM disk controller was made by NCR, but it looks like a 'cookbook'
design using the WD-100x chipset.

Years ago, I passed on an upgrade kit to make it into a 68020.
Another one of those overpriced 'Wierdstuff' deals (sigh).


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