Free NCR tower in Miami FL.

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 10:45:55 1999

> the console connection was a bit strange I seem to remember and needed
> a custom cable - I do have pinouts someplace if needed...
> the BNC connector at the base of the machine (I think all Towers had
> these?) is for some sort of remote power control (certainly my '700 will
> keep memory contents refreshed in a power cut for several hours) - don't
> plug an ethernet network in here as you'll likely fry something quite
> nicely!!

One of the machines is still in service so, I'll look at the console
conections on that system. The owner also stated that he has a "cable" that
supports up to 4 terminals. That should make it simple.

See Ya,

Steve Robertson - <>
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