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From: Julian Richardson <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 11:03:28 1999

>> One of the machines is still in service so, I'll look at the console
>> conections on that system. The owner also stated that he has a "cable" that
>> supports up to 4 terminals. That should make it simple.

woah - our email system's actually running at something faster than a
crawl!! :)

My memory's hazy on this but I seem to recall the following:

        There's two connectors on the back of the machine labelled 'A' and 'B'
- one a 9-pin connector and one a 15-pin. 'A' is for the console
terminal and 'B' is for a remote diagnostic modem (ie. a remote
        Regular serial lines are of two forms: a bunch of 15-pin connectors at
the back, or a smaller number of larger connectors (I seem to remember
my 700 having the latter but the serial card I have that I pulled from
that old 400 has the former). I think what the current owner of 'your'
machine has is a breakout box which converts one big connector to
several smaller, individual serial lines.
        I *think* via software you could say where the console was - on the
dedicated console port (which plugged into the system backplane if I
remember right), or on one of the serial board's tty lines. I'm not sure
if there were restrictions in doing this; I suppose there's nothing
special about port 'A' - it's just that a machine might not have any
serial boards installed.

Corrections to that are welcome from other list members, as it's been
several years since I seriously played with one of these systems!


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