I am buying someone a Sun SPARC?. What do I buy?

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Date: Wed Dec 8 20:26:20 1999

> Rumor has it that healyzh_at_aracnet.com may have mentioned these words:
> >Because of the above reasonings my main Solaris box is a Dual Processor
> >400Mhz Celeron w/256MB RAM, 6GB Hard Drive, 24-Bit colour, 100Mbit ethernet,
> >32x CD-ROM, 16bit soundcard. Such a beast will blow any of the above away
> >and cost under $1000. <sigh> Not as cool as a Sun box, but it makes a lot
> >more sense from a monitary standpoint. Oddly enough when it's running
> >Solaris it's also the box Netscape runs the fastest on...
> >
> > Zane
> I've not had a chance to install Solaris "7" on my box yet, but I'd wager
> that Linux/Netscape on my box is just as fast... 'course, the UW SCSI /
> Dual P2-350's might have something to do with it... ;-)

Well, if I could use the UDMA/66 drive as a UDMA/66 it would beat that no
problem. Unfortunatly I don't believe that Solaris, BeOS, OPENSTEP, and
maybe even Linux support UDMA/66's. It's my Multi-OS box so compatibility
is more important than speed, and it's got plenty of speed for me.

> BTW, if you can buy that system for under 1K, do it! Altho RAM has come
> down, it's still not nearly as low as it was 6 mo. ago, and 256M still
> costs a pretty chunk of change these days.

Oops! <blush> Good point, with RAM prices you might not be able to do it
for 1K at the moment. I built it in July, and got the two 128MB sticks for
$92 apiece. The system didn't/doesn't need that much memory, but I couldn't
resist it at that price :^)

> To bring this (kinda) back on topic, is there a freeware CoCo emulator for
> Linux out there? (Actually, even a 6809-only emulator would be cool...)


Also, believe it or not, look at Xmame, it apparently can emulate the CoCo

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