CoCoLinux (was: I am buying someone a Sun SPARC?. What do I buy?

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 20:36:52 1999

Rumor has it that may have mentioned these words:

>> I've not had a chance to install Solaris "7" on my box yet, but I'd wager
>> that Linux/Netscape on my box is just as fast... 'course, the UW SCSI /
>> Dual P2-350's might have something to do with it... ;-)
>Well, if I could use the UDMA/66 drive as a UDMA/66 it would beat that no
>problem. Unfortunatly I don't believe that Solaris, BeOS, OPENSTEP, and
>maybe even Linux support UDMA/66's. It's my Multi-OS box so compatibility
>is more important than speed, and it's got plenty of speed for me.

Who ran the benchmarks? Most UDMA/66 drives I've seen are still 5400RPM and
can't hold a candle to the 7200/10000RPM SCSI3W drives for access times &
buffer sizes (or you'll pay *more* for the UDMA drives to get the same
thruput...) Also, even WinNT doesn't *seem* to support UDMA (tried to
install one... it puked.) so that means that the standard isn't supported
by an operating system. ;-)

Also remember, UDMA still requires a lot more CPU than any SCSI controller
worth 1/2 it's salt.

>The system didn't/doesn't need that much memory, but I couldn't
>resist it at that price :^)

Neither does mine, but the "ooh's" & "aah's" are pretty neat... ;-)

>> To bring this (kinda) back on topic, is there a freeware CoCo emulator for
>> Linux out there? (Actually, even a 6809-only emulator would be cool...)
>Also, believe it or not, look at Xmame, it apparently can emulate the CoCo
> Zane
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