Comparison of system specs. - how far have we developed?

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Fri Dec 10 22:24:37 1999

>Drew Amery wrote:

> I had to reboot my 11/73 RT-11 system yesterday due to a brown out.
> While it was booting I starting enter some appointments in my PalmV
> and realized that I what I had in my hand had more memory, 2Meg
> for the Palm compared to 256K for the DEC, and probably more
> processing power. Just for fun, has or would someone compare
> the processing powers of the Palm vs the DEC 11/23 thru 93 series.
> Challenge/Joke:
> If you really want to impress your fellow pdp users and have absolutely
> nothing
> to do this holiday season, I challenge someone to port RT-11 to the Palm
> handhelds.

Jerome Fine replies:

Which OS runs on the Palm handhelds? Possibly W95/W98 or even the
old DOS/Win 3.1? I will take the challenge in that case. Care to bet how
long it will take?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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