Comparison of system specs. - how far have we developed?

From: John Foust <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 15:57:38 1999

At 11:24 PM 12/10/99 -0500, Jerome Fine wrote:
>>Drew Amery wrote:
>> to do this holiday season, I challenge someone to port RT-11 to the Palm
>> handhelds.
>Which OS runs on the Palm handhelds? Possibly W95/W98 or even the
>old DOS/Win 3.1? I will take the challenge in that case. Care to bet how
>long it will take?

You'd think it would be easiest to port CP/M 68K to the Pilot,
and the C source is out there.

Do you have a way to convert RT-11's source to 68K assembler?

At 08:40 PM 12/10/99 -0800, wrote:
>Got to
>admit I'm wondering if it's possible to put a PDP-11 emulator on one of
>them. The big problem I see is console emulation.

I think that's the least of your troubles. They ported a small
Linux to Palm, and even to a Nintendo, where characters were
entered by wiggling the joystick and pressing the fire button.

- John
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