Just received the first of the PDP-8As

From: Daniel <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Sat Dec 11 09:18:23 1999

Just came in last night:

PDP-8A500 with:

M8315 \
M8317 > CPU, clock, serial, parallel
M8316 /
H219B - 16K core
M8365 - printer
M7104 \
M7105 > RK8E RK05 Disk Interface
M7106 /

Also got two RK05 drives with the M993 RK05 cable.

I got a disk pack filled with diagnostics for all the Dec devices and Dec

Pretty cool.

It looks to be in running condition.

A few 8Es and another 8A coming in this week. Next weekend a UFO will be
dropping off 50+ PDP8s and PDP11s.


PDP-8 and other rare mini computers

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