Any PDP-11s available? (Was - Re: Just received the first of the PDP-8As)

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Sat Dec 11 18:54:51 1999

>Daniel wrote:

> A few 8Es and another 8A coming in this week. Next weekend a UFO will be
> dropping off 50+ PDP8s and PDP11s.

Jerome Fine replies:

Will you be keeping all the PDP-11 systems? While I may need a divorce
if I bring in any more, some might just entice me. I am in Toronto and
would consider local pickup.

I just received 2 PRO350 systems and I would like to set up a hard
drive, but I can't seem to either set the jumpers correctly on an RD51
or it needs a FORMAT command which produces an error. The
system will boot RT-11 from the RX50 floppy and I can do a:
on an RD51 which has DS1,DS2,DS3 all IN the circuit for an RD51
which has P/OS on the drive and I don't want to loose that drive with
P/OS just in case I am curious in the future. When I configure the
"DIP" pack (the black plastic with pins that are cut to set up the DS
settings and the other jumpers - the one beside the terminating resistors)
on a spare RD51 that I have, I can neither do the DUMP nor do a
FORMAT - which I thought that a PRO350 was allowed to do. The
DW0: drive is installed and loaded, I just get an "Input error" message
for the DUMP and a different error for the FORMAT - I think it was
something like "Bad device". I should have marked it down.

Incidentally, the RD51 drive light never goes off on the PRO350. Is
that correct?

Any suggestions?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
Received on Sat Dec 11 1999 - 18:54:51 GMT

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