Apple ][ + but no Floppies

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Dec 11 13:44:49 1999

>Given that I do kinda have a working system, is there a way to send Apple II
>disk images like you can with a Mac? Back in the bad old days, we used to
>transfer stuff to/from the Apple with a faux-serial cable out of the game
>port (bit banged TTL to the bit banged TTL port on a C-64, to be precise).

Look at the stuff on the Apple II emulation web sites, they run down the
full treatment to shk (shrink) disc images, and most of the "nettable" file
formats etc. This is one of those real doable things, that I want to do,
but haven't done yet. I plan to use a trio of Apples for my stuff, a IIe
card in a LC, a IIgs, and a IIc+. The first two via Appletalk to a
Appleshare 3.0.4 server.

Many authors such as yourself have been making updates and releasing their
older software to the public. You might want to think about that too. The
Apple II is still a good machine for the younger kids and the more software
the better.
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